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First and foremost, the ultimate authority for Parkview Christian Church is God and the Bible. After that, however, a leadership structure is necessary to help keep the day-to-day ministry opportunities and basic operations of the church flowing efficiently and functioning correctly.

The leadership of Parkview is structured in a way that reflects biblical teaching as closely as possible. The main position of human authority in the church is that of the elder. PVCC is an elder-led church. The elders provide oversight, vision, and guidance to the corporate side of the church, and more importantly, provide leadership and shepherding to the spiritual side of the church.

After the eldership comes the ministry staff. Senior Pastor Jeff Randleman provides the leadership and everyday decision making for the church, and provides oversight of the paid ministry and office staff. With help and input from the Associate Pastor, Micah Booe, this is what helps the church function on a daily basis.

Our prayer is that the efforts of the elders and the ministry staff reflects God to the community of Sedalia, and brings the members and attendees that much closer to the Father.